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There is a certain satisfaction owning and enjoying what only a beachfront property can offer, namely full access to the beach from the comfort of your home, be it enjoying a braai, checking on the kids playing on the beach, having sun downers on your stoep or just simply enjoying the panoramic sea views any time of the day ...

A recent uptake in genuine beachfront properties (the ones where you walk off your front stoep directly onto the beach) as well as semi-beachfront properties (where you aren't right in front, yet still enjoy a stunning sea view and aproximately 100m from the high water mark) have prompted me to write this short article. Its purpose is to inform prospective buyers in this reasonably exclusive segment on what the status is in the St Helena Bay area, which includes the beachfront developments Duyker Eiland, Cape St Martin, Old Britannia Bay, Flagship, Golden Mile BLVD, Sunset Beach, Shelley Point, Sandy Point Beach Estate, Hannasbaai and St Helena Views. It may also help make up your mind to invest, before its all gone.
As available beachfront real estate gets more developed and thus limited for new buyers, the asking and selling prices normally escalates way above normal inflation. This also co-incides where less and less vacant stands are left in a particular development - thus the properties get more scarce, more desireable and escalate in value.

Average pricing escalates mainly through 2 'supply and demand' mechanisms in St Helena Bay:
1) Sellers feel that their properties can fetch more in the current market and are still happy with their investment performance, so they up their asking price accordingly;
2) In an active market the cheaper priced properties are sold first, so the higher priced properties are the only ones left in the market and so the average asking price rises.

Now that St Helena Bay has recovered from its woes post the 2008 financial crisis, we are seeing more sustainable growth and development in the area.

Because of this and the fact that there are only a limited number of true beachfront properties remaining, prices have recovered and have surpassed even the '2006/2007 boom' prices.
People in the know and with the necessary means are investing in this market segment, since beachfront properties are known to grow in value more so than non-beachfront properties and are also more resilient to market down turns.
There is only a small number of beachfront plots currently on the market from Duyker Eiland all the way through to Shelley Point with prices now starting around R2 million and upwards.
In the same area, there are only 3 Semi-beachfront stands for sale, starting from R999,000
Sandy Point Beach Estate is starting to gain momentum with building develpment and has a few bargains left for under R1 million, but they are moving fast.
Call us if you are aspiring to own a prime beachfront or semi-beachfront property and let us help you find the right one for you, while still affordable.


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Author: Wally Jordaan - InfoProp St Helena Bay

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